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10 Christmas stocking Tips for Moms

What’s not to love about Christmas stockings?

By: Sarah_Ackerman

Whether they are handmade from scratch or from a kit with the kids, they have always been one of the best parts of the Christmas tradition. We can’t wait to hang them up for Santa to fill, and the happy squeals on Christmas morning, as the family discovers all the treats and goodies in their stockings, make it all the better.

Following are 10 Christmas stocking Tips for Moms covering stocking stuffer ideas. They have been put together to help mom fill the stockings and you’ll find the perfect stocking stuffers for mom as well.

1. Candles are great! Who doesn’t like candles? You’ll find them in all shapes and sizes, wickless and flameless, in both scented and unscented versions. You can even buy some shaped like your favorite Holiday favorites like snowmen, Santa’s, Christmas trees and more. The fun part is that you can find them small enough to fit in just about any stocking.

2. Pedicures for Christmas. Pedicures are great and everybody loves them. However, a lot of us don’t want to spend that kind of money pampering themselves, especially someone as busy as a mother. Why not get them a pedicure gift card and give them the pampering they deserve? This gift will get you lots of hugs, guaranteed!

3. Fun Nail Polish. There are a huge variety of fun nail polish choices both for the teenagers in your life as well as the more subdued moms. During the holidays you’ll even find more extravagant choices which are sure to please when found in their stockings.

4. Fancy, party or Holiday Earrings. Who doesn’t like new jewelry? No one! Earrings are a great way to get something cute to wear without having to spend a lot of money. Earrings can be cheap or expensive, from the Christmas, costume jewelry to the diamond drop earrings (lucky girl!). You can even buy stick on earrings for the little girls in your life.

5. Everyone likes Chocolate. There are a lot of delicious chocolate gourmet shops out there, but don’t forget the foil wrapped Santa chocolates and of course, the Hersey kisses. You can even buy small tins of hot chocolate to put in the Christmas stockings, always a Christmas favorite with a marshmallow or 5.

6. Bubble Bath Mix. Taking a bath is one of the more therapeutic and comfortable experiences a person can do for themselves. At most shops you can find small bath sized versions and even some shaped into balls that turn into bath salts in the water. You can also find some that are shaped like flowers that look beautiful in the tub and slowly turn into a skin softening dream.

7. Extravagant soaps and lotions. Getting some nice soap or lotion can be appreciated by any one on the Christmas stocking list. I’ve had friends on my stocking list that love lotions and I bought several to put in their stockings that we exchange each year. Always a popular choice. There are stores in most malls that carry small sizes of both soaps and lotions.

8. Warm, wooly socks. Around winter time knee high socks and wooly socks for the guys are one of the more comfortable and useful stocking stuffers during the chilly holidays. You can get them in fun colors and designs or more basic solids, but they are the perfect gift that just keeps giving all winter long.

9. Personal Coupons. Whether it is for chores from the kids, or a dinner date, or “no dish washing day” personal coupons are always unique and fun gifts that just about everyone will appreciate. They are a great way to give a unique experience to each family member, making them a more personal gift.

10. Surprise them! Christmas stocking gifts are a great way to pick something out that’s unique but you know they’ll enjoy. Maybe a fun, pocket flashlight or some tickets to the batting range for the guys, or movie tickets and even Starbucks gift cards for just about anyone else. And don’t forget the lotto tickets!

These 10 Christmas stocking tips for moms are just to get your creative juices flowing. Give it some thought and you’re sure to come up with some great ideas yourself.