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Christmas Traditions From Days Gone Past

Christmas History Many different people and several cultures have celebrated Christmas for many years, including those living during medieval times. Some of our popular traditions have been passed down from this important era. Yule Log For example, the Yule log was a popular tradition with the Druids during this time. They would bless a log, and then keep it burning for twelve days in a row. The remaining part of the log was then kept to be […]

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Christmas Trivia: The Shocking Truth About Christmas and Santa Claus!

The Shocking Truth About Christmas and Santa Claus! Christmas is one of the most popular holidays and is celebrated around the world by Christians and non-Christians alike. Although Christmas traditions vary from country to country, many are remarkably similar. For example, a beloved figure that gives out gifts appears in almost every single culture that celebrates Christmas. Sounds familiar, right? It turns out Santa Claus appears in many different guises, who knew! Impress your family this holiday […]

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