Get Ready For Christmas Ideas

Four Great Ideas for Christmas Crafts

Christmas is the perfect time of year to start getting together with the family and coming up with some creative craft ideas. Not all gifts need to be store bought; in fact, some of the most cherished gifts many of us receive are the ones made by hand from our loved ones.

You can come up with new ideas, or use some of the great Christmas craft ideas listed here. It’s sure to be a hit and it is also a great way to make some special time together as a family.

JamesDeMers / Pixabay

Ornaments are a perfect Christmas Craft

They are versatile, cute, and creative, and you make several in one batch to give as gift tags, stocking stuffers, or just as a single gift. A Christmas candy cane mouse ornament makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s tree. It’s easy to make with just gray and pink felt, googly eyes, yarn, and some hot glue. Cut the felt into a mouse shape and glue on the eyes and ears. Then, insert the candy cane into the mouse for the tail. It’s cute, creative, and adorable.

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are a fun way for children and adults alike to count down to Christmas day. You can make a Santa Claus advent calendar, using his beard as the days to count down. Simply make Santa’s face out of construction paper or felt. Then, cut small slits in his beard, and attach white paper chains across and down. Each paper chain signifies one day, so you’ll need to make a total of 24 and start removing them on December first. Once all of the pieces of Santa’s beard are removed, it will be Christmas day!

Gingerbread Houses

Everyone loves gingerbread houses, but they can be rather difficult to make. If you want to make a tasty and easy alternative, try making miniature gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. They look authentic, and taste delicious. Plus, you can make more of them so some can be given away. Decorate them with icing and gumdrops and watch the graham crackers transform into tiny little houses. These are a fun craft to make for Christmas that also taste wonderful.

Reindeer Candy Jar

Another great idea for Christmas crafts is the reindeer candy jar. The kids can fill it with their favorite candies and give them as gifts at school. Simply take a clean, empty jar and wrap it with brown felt or construction paper. Decorate the front of one side with the reindeer’s eyes, nose and mouth using pom-poms and glue, and wiggly eyes. Then, use small twigs and glue them onto the jar to serve as the antlers. Allow the glue to try and then fill them with nuts or candy, and you have a super cute and easy Christmas craft.

You can make a number of other great Christmas crafts with old Christmas cards, tinsel, greenery, or other items from last year if you wish. Take an old Christmas card and cut out the front, and glue it to an empty small jar. Then, insert a candle, and you have a homemade candleholder for the season. Use beads and safety pins to make a variety of different decorations or lapel pins. Popcorn garland and hand made stockings are just a couple of other ideas.

Brainstorm and see what other great ideas for Christmas crafts you can come up with.