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Putting The Fun Back Into Family At Christmas Time

Family Christmas Ideas

Christmas time used to mean something a little different than it does now. As a kid growing up thru the 70′s it seemed to be a standard thing that at Xmas time, that the family would get together and spend Xmas Eve putting up all of the last minute decorations while moms and grandmas would be making sure that all the food was prepared for the next day.

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The children on the other hand were left to mostly entertain themselves till Xmas morning, and nine times out of ten this would involve puzzles and games.

There was always a jigsaw puzzle close at hand. The jigsaw puzzles were always a fun part of the Xmas season as we would set up a massive one and all of the family would join in and begin to fit the pieces where they belonged. Unusually enough there would always be a lot of laughter and mucking around as folk got the pieces mixed up and attempted to put them in places where they were obviously not engineered to go. Everybody used to like this activity, from the older family members like grandma and grandpas, right down to the cousins and nephews who were all pre-teen ages.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Photo Puzzle
Photo Puzzle from $15.95

We have come a great distance over the last few decades with Christmas jigsaw puzzles now big business in the lead up to the festive season. Whatever store you walk into, there will be Christmas jigsaw puzzles everywhere. Online there are many places where you can buy superb Christmas puzzle.

One new trend to emerge in recent years is customized Jigsaw Puzzles made to order using your own images. You can now turn your favorite family photo into a high quality puzzle.

You can make the jigsaw puzzle even more exciting to those older folks in the family by having something done that suggests family, memories, and so on. The fundamental idea is bringing together family and friends so that the festive season is one that everybody will enjoy and remember.

Imagine that big dining table covered with a 1500 piece puzzle of a picture that contains vacation scene from the past or last christmas festivities. Perhaps it’d be a picture of a prior special family occasion, or perhaps somebody from the family who is not here to enjoy the festive season. What a cool way to recollect somebody special.

Photo Puzzles have also become a popular Christmas gift that offers family entertainment at a low price. Once complete, many people choose to frame their puzzles and keep them as a keepsake.

Personalized Christmas Puzzle
Photo Collage Puzzles from $79.95

Photo Collage Puzzles have taken the Photo Puzzle concept even further by offering Photo Collage Puzzles. The idea is that you can select 15 or more of your favorite photos, and a professional Graphics Designer will use these to create a unique photo collage layout for you.

In addition to the photos, you can also ask them to add a text message, title or even a poem or your favorite song lyrics to the puzzle. You can also request a specific type of background and / or color scheme.

If you are really not artistic and don’t know what you want, no problem, you can leave it completely up to their Graphics Designers to create something for you. The end result is a very unique and personal Photo Collage which is then made into a quality jigsaw puzzle.

So whether it be a pre-made Xmas jigsaw puzzle, or a customized jigsaw puzzle from your own photographs, enjoy the season with family. Try this as a unique method to get everybody concerned in something that can be finished as a team.